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smile and say SHUKRANA, your life is better than millions

-Sachin Arora (Founder of SHUKRANA)


The core of SHUKRANA is providing support, resources, and medical assistance to underprivileged individuals, especially children, who lack the means to access proper education and basic necessities. We strive to improve their quality of life and empower them to overcome their challenges. SHUKRANA: Bless More is an initiative to take this step to the next level. Now we are sharing this blessing with you and other helping hands. The aim of this booklet is to spread the message to all the fellow people to take a step forward in nurturing the underprivileged. Our belief is not to earn the numbers in currency but to take care and to take a step forward to help those in need. We are grateful that God made us a channel to support such people, and we pray that we can help them more. We aspire to have those smiles never fade away, and we wish them good luck. RAB tera SHUKRANA. May we bless more.


To help for living in a good, healthy, and safe environment to those in society who are not able to attain this by themselves by offering a helping hand for all the things where they are lacking and uplifting their standard in society, either its moral, financial, or physical health, which may work like a bridge to connect with a normal life from a painful living and also will be a little contribution to the mankind towards more humanity by following “Parhit Saras” and “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” while adding some more values to this by spreading some more smile in different ways.


Our Mission to bring more awareness in society to work on brightening at the darker side of it and to built a new space to live by contributing our little efforts towards a common goal to make this planet such beautiful where, there is no hunger left unfed, no wound left to be cure, no talent left to be skilled and no soul left to be healed, by adopting all such activities as per our capabilities which may help to attain this Nobel goal either sooner or longer by working on all areas wherever is required then either be it feeding or upskilling or enclothing or enriching or enhancing or empowering or energizing or inspiring or providing all resources to let it be as we believe that a healthy society is the route of a strong nation it will also be a small contribution to building a strong and new Bharat (Nation)


The Ideology: How it begins

I used to go to temple oftenly in Noida from over a decade. One evening I went there with my wife to perform prayers and about to set back to my way and then I saw one kid, coming towards me, I asked his name and took him with me to a nearby shop. there we sat and shared some meals and balloons. He went back with a warm heart that give me a vision to nurture that smile. The very next week when I visited there, I saw some more children at the same temple. then I got some extra treat meals for those children and we sat there and talked. I remember, when I used to go there, there were almost negligible people who used to come at that temple to pray and I like the peace that place holds. My father used to believe that we should always pay SHUKRANA to god for what we have and we should help others if god has chosen our us to do so. And thats how it started and the head counts of those children increases. Now, its almost more than 50+ children with those warm smile, just like the very first, i saw that day. My father used to cherish young souls and always blessed them. I kept his legacy forward. Its just that, now that legacy comes under the name of SHUKRANA.

The Journey towards SHUKRANA

During the initial days when I started paying my regular visit to temples dedicatedly for those young hearts, some of the people who crossed over with me, shared their greets and gestures. Some of them even told me that, its an inspiration to them and how they likely started doing the same with their local children, how they oftenly try to spread smiles to such young faces. Some of my colleagues and teammates showed their interest too. That thing motivate me to keep this more often because I believed if people feel heart-warmth with this and cherish one more children, see how many children could be helped and feel blessed. this thing kept me going and since then, there was not even a single saturday that left uncherished those smiles. There are some days of the year when I could be out of city or country, even then as well my househelpers and driver is sent with treat meals to that temple because now i know that those children wait for me every saturday and i dont want to left them unattended. BY GOD GRACE, HE GAVE ME THE CHANCE TO KEEP THINGS GOING AND HENCE WE STARTED SHUKRANA. Shukrana is a name under which not only my temple visit kept going, but it provides these children a proper place to study basic education and computer. There are some fresh washrooms has been built separately different for girls and boys, which was once a major issue for them. Also, we provide them with necessity and stationaries and meals. We try over best to help underprivileged people, by offering assistance for medical treatments and healthcare services for those who cannot afford them. I try my best to keep it going and take it to another level for more such people. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF US TO SPREAD HAPPINESS AND COMFORT TO THOSE WHO COULDNT AFFORD.

Our Founders

Mr. Sachin Arora

(Founder, SHUKRANA)

Mrs. Jyoti Kapoor

(Co-Founder, SHUKRANA)



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Happiness is a journey, not a destination.